Yoga is the art of living a healthy, happy, harmonious, peaceful and content life, ultimately resulting in spiritual enlightenment and self-realization. Our mission is to spread this message among the people and build a better world in the process.

Yoga is a way of life, irrespective of one’s caste, creed and colour. This ancient science, a result of deep research made by our great sages for ages together, was meant for living a healthy and purposeful life. Our ancestors believed in fulfilment of life. They believed it to be a rare gift of Almighty God to human beings for achieving higher objectives of life, the divine oneness with the creator. Yoga literally merges the soul into super soul, transforming one’s soul into Parmatma!

With time, this perfect science was lost and its immediate consequence was a decline in the moral values of the people. Because of this they had to undergo a lot of suffering and pass a shameful life for centuries together.

The present unrest in the country and in the world is also because of lack of understanding of the very meaning of human life that yoga teaches us. They don’t practise or live a yogic way of life and thus fall victim to various diseases and disorders that are more prevalent today. They don’t consume yogic food and this affects their behaviour. They are greedy and are given to vices, lust and sensual pleasures. They care mere by for worldly passions and desires. This shatters the sense of world fraternity and results in turmoil, hatred, conflicts, fighting and mutual differences.

To help, guide and save the suffering mankind, our supreme head Reverend Swami Devi Dayal Ji Maharaj, chief disciple of Yogeshwar Shri Mulakh Raj Ji Maharaj is doing yeoman service in the field of yoga for the last fifty years. Yogeshwar Mulakh Raj Ji Maharaj was a successor to Yogeshwar Shri. RAM LAL MAHAPRABHU, a God incarnate.

Spiritual leaders of mankind are not accidentally born. They are, as all great religions believe, either incarnations or apostles of God on Earth. Mahaprabhu Ram Lal, who is widely acclaimed as Yogeshwara, King of Yogis, is one of such exalted divine personalities who kindled the torch of Yoga not by building a philosophical system but by aiming at a yogic rehabilitation centre for the human spirit. The fact that the Supreme Master was the reservoir of radiant energy is revealed by the message of spiritual culture, inner enlightenment, inner strength and inner sweetness, he has gifted to the mankind. His presence like the clear sunshine drove away clouds of ignorance, doubts and despair. As a great brilliance, he incarnated on earth to become an exalted torch bearer, a divine personality, a cosmic mind to revive and spread the message of yoga, the sacred science, to give a new blush to the fallen flowers, a new vitality to the decayed limbs and a new vigour to the working hands. For him, yogic attainment was not the perfection of the physical or moral man but an energy pouring into form an invisible fountain, invigorating and elevating it. His miraculous yogic powers transformed the whole society and the human character after he came from the high Himalayas in the year 1921 with the permission and blessings of his master to work for the salvation of suffering folks and for redeeming the human lives. In a few years, yoga Ashrams were set up in Lahore, Chhehretta, Rishikesh etc.

Yogeshwar Shri Mulakh Raj Ji Maharaj, too, fervently and faithfully spread the light of Yoga among the people after his state of turiyatituriyavastha, a state of conscious realisation, for twelve years. He established Yoga Centres in U.P., Punjab and Madras.

The area of influence has since been vastly extended and Reverend Swami Devi Dayal Ji Maharaj through his deep knowledge of Yoga has enlightened the whole world by establishing over sixty regular yoga centres in the country and abroad. Hundreds of peripatetic Yoga Camps have been held to serve the people at their door steps. Yogacharyas, the Yoga instructors trained by him teach and demonstrate Hatha Yoga Kriyas, the processes, yogasanas the postures, yoga mudras, the devices for meditation and Pranayama the control and regulation of breath in yoga centres, yoga camps and at yoga functions.

Reverend Swami Ji in his discourses and various occasions elaborates all these for curing various diseases and disorders for keeping fit. His stream of divine blessings is open to all. His researchers have made yoga very simple for the modern man. Spiritual seekers come to him to learn the ‘Art of Meditation.’ Yoga, the Nector of Geeta bears in the philosophy of ‘Be Good and Do Good’. Sadhakas, the aspirants after achieving perfection at his lotus feet in turn serve the society in one Ashram or the other besides living a meaningful life themselves. One such ashram where experts under the guidance of Yogiraj Swami Devi Dayal Ji Maharaj serve humanity, is Yoga Divya Mandir, Bhamashah Marg managed by Delhi Yoga Sabha(Regd.)

People from all walks of life enrol themselves in this ‘Ashrama’ to practice yoga for elimination of their maladies, for an all-round development of body, mind and spirit and sometimes to get rid of alcoholic and drug addictions and also to cultivate in them good habits and behaviour. After a few days of practice in the serene atmosphere and surroundings charged with divine vibrations, one feels a sense of satisfaction, joy and contentment and craves for rare achievements of deep concentration or meditation leading to Samadhi or the ecstasy.

Yog Abhyas Ashram is a great yoga centre, the most unique of its kind in the world. It is an embodiment of selfless service. The devotees and dedicated workers here, charged with a sense of sacrifice, have surrendered themselves at the lotus feet of Rev. Swami Ji Maharaj for the noble task of serving the mankind.

I have visited many yoga centres, camps and religious places in USA and Canada during my visits in the year 1987 and 1990. I have reached the conclusion that ‘Real Yoga’ with all its attributes and originalities is to be seen only at the yoga centres being run under the sublime guidance of Rev. Swami Ji.

We wish that number of these centres may increase manifolds in the coming years so that steps could be taken to weed out diseases and disorders, sufferings and miseries, pains and griefs out of the prevailing society and a new strength and vitality could be infused in to the lives of the people, thereby taking a step ahead for establishing a new world order.

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