The literal meaning of ‘Guru’ is the ‘remover of darkness’. A guru is a person who enlightens the inner consciousness of disciples or followers and fills it with knowledge, giving decisive power and teaching him/her the right way of living.
‘Parampara’ is the uninterrupted succession of any ritual.

About Guru Parampara

Combination of two Sanskrit words, ‘Guru Parampara’ is a traditional ritual where an organization has its leading body as a ‘Guru’ or leader. The leading authority or ‘Guru’ guides all the disciples to act fittingly and makes sure they are on the right track. Mental and physical empowerment of the followers in order to uplift their character and bring out the best in them is the main goal of any guru.

Adopting this practice from the oldest existing Dharma i.e. Hinduism or Vedic culture, we believe that everyone needs one life guide or ‘Guru’ to teach him/her the real purpose of life.