Incepted in 1888 with the birth of the First Guru Gaddi Yogeshwar Ramlal Bhagwan, the mission is now known as Shri Yog Abhyas Ashram Trust [Regd.], a non-profit organization aimed at advancing and propagating Yoga practices to spread peace in the world.  Our organization has adopted as a scientific cure to human ailments. Envisioning the concept of Yogic colleges and schools for the country’s and world’s welfare, we are continually working to bring more research works, journals, periodicals, papers and educational contents.

Our organization is actively organizing camps inside and outside side India to enrich the world with the philosophy of yoga. Through these camps, we supervise the youth (and everyone else) to perform Yogic Kriyas, Asans, Pranayams and Mudras. Currently, Yogeshwar DeviDayal International Yogic Cure and Research Center has is established at 32 locations nation-wide.


Yoga is a scientific system, through which human can over-power the physical and mental senses. Spiritually uplifting every human soul and making world a better & healthy place is our vision.


Our mission is to purify people’s soul and body. Yoga centers, schools, colleges, temples and researches are the mediating missions, which will take us to the actual goal finally.


Our yogic center considers yoga as a scientific and spiritual practice, rather than connecting it to religion merely. Following ancient Guru Parampara ardently, we consider everyone needs guidance (and hence a ‘Guru’) for accomplishing the goals.

About Founder(s)

Yogeshwar Ramlal Bhagwan

Mahaprabhu ji was the First Guru Gaddi and the real inceptor of our purest mission in 1888. His innovative soul, incarnated in India, was a true reliever of mental and physical stresses of human. With his hidden secrets of Yoga, Mahaprabhu ji introduced the world with joy of Yogic practices.

Yogeshwar Mulakhraj Bhagwan

In his search of Yogeshwar, Mulakh Raj Ji met Mahaprabhu ji and became his devotee. Known for his spiritual miracles, Mulakh ji was able to perform every possible activity in the state of meditation. From 1938, he led the organization as second Guru Gaddi and empowered us all with a new view towards Yoga.

Yogeshwar DeviDayal Mahadev

He was the third Guru of our organization, taking the charge in 1960. Being the Guru of its kind, he established 17 state-level registered bodies, which are currently running 70 over Yoga temples across the Indian subcontinent. His state-of-art Yogic techniques and the modernly-designed yoga programmes are much-praised in the world.

Yogeshwar Surender Dev Mahadev

From 1998 to 2016, Swami Surender Dev Ji Mahadev dedicatedly showed the path of divine lifestyle to its visitors. Under his guidance, more than two thousand teachers/yogacharyas were trained to teach Yog, who are employed to educate the authentic Yog practices at 75+ Divya Yog Mandirs/ temples.