Our Yoga camps are a sanctuary for those who are looking for peace and happiness away from the stress of everyday life. It is the ideal place to begin the Yogic way of life and practice different Asanas, Pranayamas, Kriyas and also learn about relaxation and meditation. The camps are designed such that both experts and new comers will go back enriched having learned something new about Yoga.

Yoga is not just exercise and a Guru’s guidance is important to practice Yoga in its entirety. Renowned Yoga practitioners lead our camps with their knowledge of the ancient science of Yoga. These camps also ensure Yoga is reaching the masses like never before.

Our organisation which focuses on Yogic healthcare and meditation organizes Yoga Camps in multiple Indian and International cities. We also spread Ayurvedic awareness, offer yoga vacations & retreats and train multiple Yoga teachers every year. All the programmes focus on transforming individual lives and building a healthy society.