Even though yoga has been practised in India for centuries, it has not reached the masses properly. Yoga is not just about moving your hands and legs, it’s a much deeper discipline which requires a guru who can guide you to its entirety. That’s exactly what happened during the three days of Mahaprabhu ji’s yoga camp by Yogacharya Amit Dev at Delhi’s Chhatrasal Stadium that culminated on Monday evening. During the weekend, dozens of men and women learned yoga tips that are going to lead them to a life of better health.


At the end of the camp, disciples were full of life. It didn’t require a face-reader to tell the story behind the joyful faces that were seen all around. The camp started with putting pure cow’s medicated ghee in the nostrils of the disciples. This practice helps to unblock emotions in the respiratory tract, improve breathing patterns, calm heightened prana in the mind, relax the muscles and induce tranquility.

Hoards of chief guests blessed the camp with their presence. The first daughter of India Smt Sharmishtha Mukherjee ji graced the occasion. Also present were AICC’s All India incharge PC Chacko, BJP Vice President Rajiv Babbar, bodybuilding champion Shashi, Delhi judge Shri Naresh Malhotra ji, etc., along with a couple of Bollywood and television stars.

AIATF Chairman, M.S. Bitta ji told people that he had been practicing Mahaprabhu ji’s Yoga under the guidance of Yogacharya Amit Dev ji since years and how our body is the temple of God, therefore, we must preserve it with yoga. He also spoke about the various kriyas that are practised in yoga. Shri Rajiv Babber, explained how they are connected with the organization from three decades and Jalneti and jeevan tatva are the parts of their regular routine and they regularly visit the head office to seek the blessings of Mahaprabhu ji at the samadhi sthal of Yogeshwar Mulkhraj ji Maharaj, Yogeshwar DeviDayal Ji Maharaj and Yogeshwar Surender Dev Ji Mahadev.

Yogacharya Amit Dev ji’s uncle, respected Yogacharya Ashok ji, blessed everyone at the camp and taught them the nuances of pranayaam. Gurumata Shakti Devi, Smt Meena Devi ji, Yogacharya Tanu, Yogacharya Nitin Ahuja, Kartik Ahuja, Devesh, Pooja, Shri Rajinder Sahni ji, Smt Savita ji, Yogacharya Purushottam, Yogacharya Prakash, Yogacharya Manish, Yogacharya Yogender, Yogacharya Bhupinder, Yogacharya Sumit, Yogacharya Sachin, Yogacharya Gulshan, Yogacharya Sachin, Yogacharya Heera, were among the many renowned names in the world of Yoga who were present at the camp. The camp started with half-an-hour of daily Prarthna, followed by 3 hours of Yoga Sadhna. Devotees also got to consult senior yogacharyas on a personal basis for better advice. Evenings were dedicated mostly to women and children. Each day ended with Prarthna at 8:45 pm.

Yogi Amit Dev ji’s generations have taught and healed the world through yoga over many years. His organisation, Yog Abhyas Ashram, was started in 1888 by his forefathers and he is carrying the legacy forward in the 21st century. To mark 129 years of the Centre, Yogi ji called for this three-day camp that fell in the same week when India observed its second Yoga Day.

The aura of Yogi Amit Dev ji leaves everyone who interacts with him, overwhelmed. With his caring heart and deep knowledge of yoga and vedas, he has enriched innumerable lives around him over the years. His organisation is just not involved in teaching and curing people through yoga, but is also engaged in extensive research in Yogic health care and meditation. The organisation has centres across the globe and 100-150 patients are treated in each of them everyday. The organisation is headquartered in Delhi with 17 state units and 76 centres in India.