His Exalted Holiness Yogiraj Swami Devi Dayal Ji Maharaj

Life is struggle. Everyone knows it. May it be man or animal, a bird or an insect, one has to fight for one’s existence. The bigger fish swallow the smaller ones. The powerful tame the weaker. And thus goes the whole drama on the earth and everywhere in the universe. The human, being a more conscious class among the creatures, struggle not only for bodily survival but also for economic, social or political survival. They are so deadly busy in this business that they seldom realise the truth. There are hardly any moments when they know that they are all like puppets who dance at the direction and will of the master with no ‘will’ and power of their own. Who is the master? No one ventures to even imagine. All the time we run after comforts and pleasures, wealth and worldly possessions. Not to enjoy them but just to gather and die in the end. Do we carry the money with us to the next world? Certainly not. Then why do we waste ourselves for it. There is no answer. Because by the time we think of it, it is too late. We have sold ourselves, our ‘soul’ for the silver. The endless efforts that we did to gain wealth could be utilised for realising the ‘self’, our soul. Though there had definitely come moments in life when the futility of wealth was seen, the cry of soul could not be heard as it was very faint and came from great depths buried under heavy layers of worldly attachments.

We always think we cannot live without a house, without money, without our relatives and friends. But we hardly think that we cannot survive without realising the ‘Truth’, without a union of our soul with the super soul or without God. We never aspire for God as we feel restless for water only when we are thirsty, for food only when we are hungry and for breath only when we get suffocated. The result is obvious – we miss the rare chance of realising the ‘Truth’ and die only to be born again.

How nice it is to behold the picturesque beautiful natural scenes – the sky, the clouds, the mountains, the river and the sea, the rising and setting sun. The days and nights, mornings and evenings, the summer and winter all come in rotation, bound by the laws of nature, by the supreme Creative Force of the Universe.

Our soul is also a manifestation of this ‘Divinity’. The vital force is stored in the form of seed. Our aim should be to bring this hidden power to the surface through religion, knowledge or realization. If we do a little introspection we find that longing of the soul for the Super soul, aspiration for Divinity, eternal hunger all appear in the form of a cry or an ache to know the unknown. This innate tendency of one’s spirit that has been kept buried under thousands of layers of ‘Maya’(illusions), with countless attributes of worldly bondage comes to the surface only as a result of one’s noble deeds in the past enumerable births (forms of life) and through utmost devotion and surrender.

It is a good sign, a ray of hope for the individual to come out of the cobweb. If delicately handled and properly nurtured by ‘sadgurudev’ it can be intensely grown to the extent that the soul finds its ‘Real Absolute’ radiant divine brightness, millions of times more dazzling than the sun. Otherwise, one may have to wait for many more births.

So our foremost aim is to come up instead of going down. This can be done by cultivating good habits. A zeal and enthusiasm to serve the needy, the poor and downtrodden will certainly help uplift the soul. By developing divine understanding and knowing the very purpose of life, ‘Nature’ will start exposing itself and revealing its secrets to you. You will know everything as if you were reading a book. Instead of passing through a life full of comforts, pleasures and activities you must opt for a peaceful life with minimum requirement. Only then, you can hope for spiritual achievement.

We have ears, eyes, nose etc. in our body because there are sounds, visions and fragrance existing in the environment. They exist right from the beginning when man took notice of these stimuli and developed these senses. These can’t be perfectly closed at the first instance but instead perfect control should be achieved so that these are utilized for Divine sounds, Divine visions and Divine fragrance etc.

Another step is you must make a room for the Divinity to descend in you. Be the master and don’t run after trivial things. When you stop running for everything in the world you will create a vacuum and everything divine will be added unto you. All the works, duties and activities get the divine touch and colour. You will participate without participating, you will eat without eating, you will do without doing. When such a state comes you become a witness. No storm in the universe can shake you because you are simply a visitor, a viewer and not one who is involved. Thus you are liberated and all the beauty, powers and bliss is yours. You become the master.

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