• Yoga is a journey, a process by which we are transformed. Its tenets are more useful today than ever. We are living in a complex, technology-driven world where every individual is stressed out. In such a scenario, Yoga helps one find physical, mental and emotional balance.
  • The ailments arising from stress are one too many but healing begins from one point – the mind. That is why Yoga emphasises on mental and emotional well-being above all else. By adopting the practice of Yoga, people can live happier and healthier lives. There is a need to integrate Yoga into the different areas of life like healthcare, education system, corporate culture etc.
  • Being such an important science, Swami Surender Dev Ji Maharaj listed out following 5-point agenda for a well-balanced life:
    • Apposite Exercise (Asanas) – To keep the body healthy, flexible and strong.
    • Apposite Breathing (Pranayam) – Deep breathing, accompanied with multiple mudras to relieve body from stress and disease.
    • Apposite Relaxation (Savasana) – To relieve the body from tension, anxiety, foul mood, worries and fatigue.
    • Apposite Diet (Vegetarian) – Consuming healthy and pure vegetarian food which allows easy digestion.
    • Apposite Thinking (Vedanta) and Meditation (Dhyana) – For eliminating negativity, inducing happiness and increasing happiness and contentment.
      If we can integrate these 5 branches of Yoga into our daily life, our lives will definitely be transformed. Our quality of life will be enhanced and we can live on a higher plane of understanding and response to all that happens to us.
  • Let’s make Yoga a part of our life.

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